EVO_MOOC Minecraft Server 5

I decided to spend some time building a landscaped garden as I have been known to do in SL. I learned a lot about developing terrain from scratch when I completed my adventure map during a 3DGameLab Teacher Camp with Lucas Gillispie. I made mazes in several different types of blocks and had instructions and chests with prizes etc. I documented that on my Flickr stream here at the start and here when I decided to make it a lot bigger. The mountain took me ages as I made it block by block – I didn’t know how to use WorldEdit tools and still prefer theĀ  building block by block method. One thing I found as I built the mountain with the tunnels and caves inside it was that bats started to appear. I looked up information about bats on the wiki here and here as well. Today I made a gazebo and started vines on the sides and expected each side to grow in a similar way. However, the east facing side did not grow while I was inworld. That prompted me to have a look at the Minecraft wiki to see is there was a reason that vines grow differently depending on placement. Fascinating information here! I added this build to my Flickr stream as well.

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